Thursday, May 10, 2012

bike season

Well, bike season is now here, Canmore doesn't know that, (it snowed today) but I finally put away the touring skis.  I had a rude awakening at the Hammer night last week, I was on my cross bike and almost got dropped once, and spent a lot of time suffering.  So since then I've been doing lots of intervals, and of course some fun rides too.  Last night however, I got my road frame - see below, and my new mountain bike - super excited for both. I built the road bike up last night and then finished it after work today - finished 5min before the group ride, so I rushed out the door - forgetting water of any sort (which is extra funny as I was contemplating if I had time to put the bottle cages on).  Anyway, I made it to the group ride and borrowed a bottle from another rider.  It was so nice to have my road bike, super snappy and fast - this week I won all the climbs so pretty pumped about that!

So, since it is new bike time, that means last year's race bike has to go - anyone interested?  Sub 5 full XTRm Med, 2800$ firm,  When I haven't been working on the bike trails at the Nordic Centre or setting up tires as tubless for half of the community, I've been coaching with the Rundle Mountain Cycling club.  It is a great program, with around 200 kids in it. I have 9 kids U13 age, and get to teach them all kinds of fun skills.  First day was a bit of cahos as there was some serious bike repair to do first, but then we did a decent trail ride and hit the jumps on soft yogurt to finish off the ride - the kids loved it.  

Heading east soon for the first Canada Cups - time to see what's in the tank this year!