Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Island Cup #1

So on Sunday I did the first race of the year. I had to travel all of 35min from my door, so I couldn't really turn it down. It is part of a great series here on the Island; they are very grass roots races, 10$ entry fee, draw prizes, and good times for all.

The race started out with a good climb and king of the mountain got a cookie, so I made sure to lead it out on lap one. By lap 2 I had a solid lead and was getting a little bored and made a mistake and flatted. I had some serious issues with trying to get the valve stem out (it was on my winter bike and had corroded on there after not being touched for 3 years or so), so I had the world's slowest flat change of about 5min (Thanks to the spectator for 'helping me find a pump' on the ground). By the time I was back in the race I was in 6th, however, this made the rest of the race super fun, as I was catching people and really got to pin it. On lap 3 I passed back up to 3rd, and at the start of lap 4 got up to 2nd. For the rest of the lap I chased super hard and almost caught Steve Noble. I ended up finishing 2nd, 3 seconds behind...

Now, the really sweet thing about this race is that Kate Scallion had made cookies for medals. Since I got 2, I did share one with the kid who had bonked and was standing next to me during awards and was drooling. I had to eat the other one to fuel my ride home. Not to worry though, I still got my cookie quota, as Catherine had a great race and won two cookies, and I ate most of hers when she was at work. Awww, tough life hunh?

Maybe I'll make her some cookies sometime...

How sharp are your knives?

So the other day I decided to sharpen our kitchen knives. To test how sharp they are I always try and cut a few hairs off my arm with them, but, since my legs were so hairy I just shaved my legs instead! Yep, the knives are nice and sharp now and my legs are smooth!

Don't try this at home, but if you do, you have to get the angle right and you just slide the knife along (like a razor) DON'T whatever you do saw back and forth with it!!!